Stanmore Music Festival Mayoral Message

A message about the Stanmore Music Festival from the Inner West Council Mayor, Darcy Byrne.

When world-renowned music educator and conductor Richard Gill was nearing the end of his life, musicians from across Sydney gathered outside his Stanmore home to serenade him.

After Richard’s passing, I received a request from his friend and fellow Stanmore local, Simon Chapman, to work together to create a music festival in his honour.

Five years on, I am so pleased that the collaboration between Inner West Council, Stanmore residents, and Richard’s broad network of friends and collaborators from the music sector has created something truly special.

Music is for everyone and Richard Gill’s vision of bringing music into the public domain to be heard on the streets, by the people, is one worth supporting.

I am very pleased to inform you that following the success of the Stanmore Music Festival, Inner West Council has now supported a proposal from Deputy Mayor and Stanmore-Damun Ward Councillor Chloe Smith to expand this model of music in the streets to festivals right across the Inner West. These will take place throughout 2024.

We hope that the whole Stanmore community will continue to find joy in today’s program of performances and take pride that something you have created is being expanded to other suburbs, keeping Richard Gill’s legacy alive.

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and musicians who are contributing to making this such a special community event. You will continue to have Council’s support for your wonderful initiative.

Darcy Byrne
Mayor Inner West Council

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