Showcase 2023

Walking Deads

Walking Deads is Australia’s premiere Talking Heads tribute show.

Greg Clift (vocals, keyboards)
Michael Corrigan (drums)
Emma Driver (vocals percussion, melodica)
Jo Mitchell (vocals, percussion)
Rory Stewart (guitar)
Henry Junor (bass, vocals)
Tully Horneman (saxophone, keyboards)
Rob Carrick (trombone, percussion, vocals)
Sara Todner (trumpet)

Unlike some tribute concerts, this is not a slavish impersonation.  More a respectful homage to one of the most innovative and unique bands of all time. 

Nine first-class musicians unite on stage to perform Talking Heads’ blend of art-punk funk music, with lots of energy and just a touch of eccentricity. 

The ‘Walking Deads’ show is 90 mins of entertainment, and features iconic classics …

Once in a Lifetime, Psycho Killer, Road to Nowhere, Burning Down the House, Life in Wartime, Girlfriend and many, many more …

… plus a very big suit!


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